Saturday, August 2, 2008

Vacuum Truck Scrubbers

Vapor Tech is introducing the 'CHEM-VAC HYBRID SCRUBBER SYSTEM' designed to control vapors stemming from vacuum truck operations. This trailer-mounted unit will be able to scrub practically any type of VOC or vapor imagineable due to the fact that it is able to remove many different types of vapors simultaneously. The CHEM-VAC system is a triple packed-column unit followed by activated carbon polishing. Each compartment is able use a separate chemical which will enable the user to scrub hydrocarbons and H2S at the same time. If there was some ammonia in the airstream as well the third compartment could be filled with Vapor Tech pre-concentrated media to neutralize the ammonia. On the other hand, all three reservoirs could use the same chemical media for enhanced removal.

A 1000 pound carbon vessel is located on the back of the trailer which will polish the vapors above and beyond 99%.

This system will be manufactured from stainless steel. It comes equipped with flame arrestor and pressure relief valve. The unit only requires air to operate the three diaphragm pumps.

This system will be available for rent or purchase starting in late September 2008. Contact Vapor Tech at for details or visit the wesite at for more information.

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